Elizabeth H. Canning

Elizabeth is a lawyer and human resources professional with nearly a decade of experience creating and leading the Title IX and Equity offices for public and private colleges and universities. 

Based in Rhode Island, she works with organizations both within and outside the New England region

My Practice

My practice is focused on using my experience in Title IX, Equity, and Human Resources to help schools and workplaces meet their compliance obligations and implement practices and policies that foster more compliant, productive, and equitable environments.

The compliance work includes: helping schools and employers properly investigate and respond to allegations of misconduct, including discrimination, harassment, and sexual violence; writing policies and procedures; conducting training seminars on policies and laws that relate to discrimination, harassment, and sexual violence; providing coaching, support, and advice for HR, Title IX/equity offices, and campus in-house lawyers; providing guidance to HR on employee relations matters; providing interim Title IX/equity coverage; and using my courtroom experience to serve as a hearing officer as well as provide schools the tools and training to manage the hearing process.

Building a culture of compliance, I also help organizations address some of the underlying factors that lead to misconduct in the first place. Specifically, I work with organizations to develop strategic approaches to institutional culture, systems, and employee engagement. 

Education / Admission

  • BA, Harvard University

  • JD, Boston College Law School

  • Graduate Certificate in Human Resources, University of Rhode Island

  • MS, Labor Relations and Human Resources, University of Rhode Island (anticipated 2021)

  • Admitted: Rhode Island; Massachusetts

  • Mediation: 40 hours training in mediation and alternative dispute resolution

  • For United Educators' institutions: on United Educators' list of investigators

Why You Will Enjoy Working With Me

I've been there. I established and led Title IX and equity offices at three academic institutions. As a result, I have a deep understanding not only of the law and necessary policies, but how to work with the various campus constituencies, including Title IX and equity offices, human resources, trustees, administration, faculty, students, and campus police.


I've done the work. Over the past decade I have conducted or overseen hundreds of Title IX- and equity-related investigations, written and revised policies and procedures to support compliance with non-discrimination laws (Title IX, Title VII, Section 504, ADA, ADEA, etc.), and have trained thousands of students and employees on policies and laws relating to misconduct, including discrimination (race, religion, age, disability, national origin, sex, gender), harassment, sexual violence, and retaliation.

I've seen results. Using my legal, human resources, and equity experience, I have designed and improved practices, policies, and programs that improve employee engagement, strengthen organizational culture, and facilitate compliance. 


Providence, RI

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