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Helping K-12 and Higher Education Institutions Comply with the New Title IX Regulations- YES! They are changing again. Stay tuned!

Video series on the advisor role under the new Title IX regulations is here.


Elizabeth has extensive experience creating Title IX-compliant policies and procedures, developing systems and strategies, conducting investigations and highly effective training, and managing the hearing process. Elizabeth's expertise as a Title IX coordinator means that she understands your compliance challenges and opportunities. She provides practical guidance and tools. Elizabeth can help schools not only comply with Title IX but also better serve their students and employees. 

Policies and procedures

Policies and procedures that comply with Title IX regulations and ensure your school is taking the right steps.

Systems and Strategies

Systems and strategies to facilitate compliance, including forms, staffing, and compliance strategies.

Training and investigations

The new regulations mandate specific training and investigation steps. Elizabeth facilitates compliant, practical, effective, and relevant trainings. She is a skilled and thorough investigator.

Hearings and mediations

Hearings and informal resolutions are a focal point of compliance. Elizabeth can help you strategize and design a hearing system, train hearing officers, and serve as a hearing officer or mediator.

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