In addition to working directly with organizations to meet their training needs, Elizabeth presents at conferences throughout the year. 

Trainings and Certifications

Trainings and certifications are available both in person and via electronic platforms. For single-organization events, Elizabeth will incorporate your institution's policy and procedure into the training or certification for a practical and relevant experience. 


Title IX trainings cover mandated training per the new regulations and include the materials required to be posted.

If you are interested in learning more about these training and certification programs, contact Elizabeth. elizabeth@ecanninglaw.com | (401) 419-0356 

Investigator Training

Interactive and practical training on conducting investigations and writing reports.


Title IX, EEO, and other alleged law or policy violations on your campus or at your workplace. 

Decision-maker Training

Training on making determinations of responsibility neutrally, effectively, and pursuant to law and policy. 

Coordinator Training

Training to help coordinators and equity officers effectively manage compliance obligations and support their community.


Title IX, ADA/Section 504, EEO, Equity officers. 

Appeal Officer Training

Providing the tools to evaluate requests for appeals and make decisions. 

Advisor Training

Helping advisors provide effective guidance and conduct cross-examination. 


Community Training

Training for all stakeholders:





Search committees



Trustees and Boards of Directors 

CUPA Annual Spring Conference

March 30-31 

(cancelled- COVID)

Elizabeth will be in Savannah, GA, presenting at the annual spring conference for HR professionals in the higher education industry.  Her presentation is "Writing the Story You Need to Tell."  Elizabeth will talk about ways schools can take action to create an employee and applicant experience that helps organizations attract and retain talented employees and increase the diversity of identities and experiences in applicants and employees.  

Boston Bar Association Annual Higher Education Conference

March 12 (cancelled- COVID)

Elizabeth will be in Boston participating on a panel "Title IX and Fundamental Fairness Challenges- What Lies Ahead." This terrific annual conference brings together attorneys from educational institutions and law firms and addresses  the latest legal issues and challenges facing institutions of higher education. 

University of South Florida, 5th Annual Title IX Conference

February 27 & 28

Elizabeth will be headed to Tampa, Florida, to provide a condensed, one day investigator training and a session on how effective Title IX compliance means synergy between people and offices. Organized by the USF Title IX Office, this conference has a great line up of speakers on a variety of topics important to an effective Title IX program. 


Providence, RI

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